More than 80 years experience

Founded at Mosby, Norway in 1938 and moved to a new facility in the 70's based in Vennesla Norway. Norgesplaster AS was aquired by local investors in 2010 and aquired Snøgg AS in 2017. Norgesplaster is ranked as Number 1 in wound care trearment in Norway and have 50% markedshares in pharmacies and 86% Brand awareness in Norway.

Norgesplaster AS is:

  • One of the world`s largest producers of adhesives for pressure sensitive ECG electrodes, Grounding Pads and AED pads.
  • Producer of a wide range of materials and products to the Medical Device Industry.
  • Converting facilities for self-adhesive tapes and wound-dressings.
  • High quality line of sports-tapes.
  • A comprehensive range of profesional wound care products.

Norgesplaster Facility is certified according to the ISO-standards - 9001, 14001 and 13485.



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